Sunday, January 25, 2009

Keeping the Army of Guardian Angels busy ...AGAIN!

So there I was sitting a pizza joint chowing down in downtown Schenectady, across the street from "Proctor's Theater". Sarah and Jimmy, and the "Basement Gang" were waiting on Devin before we went to the "One Man Star Wars" show. Every year around this time we go to a show and we bought our the tickets back in October.

I used to tell the kids in Youth Group stories that had to do with life experiences meant as cautionary tales... Of course Sarah is always telling me that its not a cautionary tale if it begins with "It was so Coool!"

...any way there I was telling one of Sarah's favorites about how me and my "Gang" bounced off of a tree that we (they actually) had missed a few days earlier and Bang! ...whata ya know guess what? ..we hit the very same tree!

...and the phone rings!

I was just getting to the part where I tend to say something about how I have survived repeated near death experiences for some reason that I equate to God's future plans for me in this world.

It was Devin of course, and he had taken out several hundred feet of guardrail on the way to the Theater along route 20 in Duanesburg, after the I-88 exit. It seems he went to Cobelskill to help a friend ....sound familiar? ...sound like something his Dad would do? "...ahhh, yeah, can you drive down here and give me a hand even though you just got off of a 36, haven't eaten, should get some rest and take care of yourself ..."


He had a week like I am prone too. His GPS fried, He lost his Cell Phone during the wreck, had some Bad Calls I can't talk about and ended up in a ditch on the way back from Coby.


So you can imagine what I said to him I'm sure. It went kinda like this: "I know you won't believe this, and I'm sure you think I'm whacked when I tell you, but You are a "Force for Good" In this world son, and you as I before you, will not be "taken out of here" until the Lord is convinced that your job is done. In a world full of darkness you have a reason for being. Call it destiny or whatever, but I am convinced that you walk through things with the Light of Being as your guide..."


Its scary how we become our parents. This is not the first time. As a mater of fact, his Boy Scout, Civic minded, "almost taken out while doing a Good Deed Experiences" are quickly mounting towards my total. I'm sure it won't be the last time either. When I finally go to the "Great Beyond" I'm pretty sure that the Angels who have followed me around all my life will simply be reassigned. To my Kids.


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