Friday, November 14, 2008

...I am not yet fluent; but I have faith...

Did Ireland change me or did it set me free? Am I different today for having gone there than I was before? If it set me free, does that mean that I have changed?

When I first returned home I had a few days of travel-lag. I was glad to be back home, not disappointed, but unsure as to what had actually happened.... We managed to accomplish so much, yet left many things undone. I don't think any of us would have stayed on longer though even if we could have.

Yeah, we didn't get some of the "Ancestral Tree" information I would have liked to acquire, but the connection to place, knowledge of self, feeling of rightness I have now, direction and knowing when I think of how to proceed; are immeasurable.

I walked where I was meant to walk. I found what I was intended to find. This time. I say this time because I know I will return. And when I do unsolved mysteries will complete themselves in the manner they were meant to be completed next time.


On Friday October 10th we went to the Ulster Heritage Park, but we didn't do the touristy trap bus-load-o-fun stuff... It was raining, and we had spent the previous several days flying, landing, flying again, landing again, jumping in a car and learning to drive in a completely new way, heading North on a time schedule and, and, and, ...finally driving in the dark and the rain until we stopped for the night in Greenmount Lodge.... WOE!


We needed a slow day. A slow day that passed with a fully engaged mind at the Migration Center on the same premises as the Heritage Center. I can imagine that it might have been pretty boring for my brother Richard; while Steve and I messed with Computers, Microfilm and Maps... ...but when we went to the Heritage Center, it was not with the intent to see the "Period Stuff" with the "Re-enacted" "Period Acting". Don't get me wrong, I would have liked to do the "Period thingie" too... but, HEY! I got some really cool stuff there.

I was able to match my Griffith Data to their maps. AND, as I suspected, there was an overlay to the basic map, that combined the Griffith Data, made it possible for me to locate the Gilmour Tenancy, and two Glenn Tenancy's!


...I'm getting ahead of myself here. Suffice it to say, with map(s) in hand, on the morning of the 11th of October, we began to drive to drive towards Killaloo; with a fixed destination.


We stopped first at the Ardboe Cross, on Lough Neagh; but that however, is also a tale for another day. What follows is what followed at The Beaghmore Stone Circles... and that as they say, follows:

According to the NI Tourist Website, The Beaghmore Stone Circles were: "Discovered during peat cutting in the 1940s the site at Beaghmore consists of 7 stone circles. All of the rings are associated with cairns and a stone row runs towards these cairns. It is possible that Neolithic occupation and cultivation preceded the erection of burial cairns and ceremonial circles and alignments: some irregular lines and heaps of boulders resembling field-fences or field-clearance may predate the ritual structures. At some stage peat started to form over the site, and it may conceivably be that the cairns and rows were erected in a futile propitiatory attempt to restore fertility to the soil by attracting back the fading sun."

Wikipedia also has a very in depth couple of pages as well, with a number of good links that may be of interest.


The Beaghmore Stone Circles experience was less academic for me, more "I am old, very old, and you are but a briefness, so soak up the energy and be..."

I hope I conveyed some of that in this video. I am trying to find the "Poetry of Video" it's a new language for me, I am not yet fluent; but I have faith, and I know there is poetry here. With practice I will hone and refine.


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