Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Luck o' The Irish 07/07/07

I am writing this blog because it's lucky! This is my Lucky Scot-Irish 07/07/07 Blog!

After all, 38,500 Couples can't be wrong! That's approximately how many couples are getting married today by some estimates. Think about it: 77,000 people are about to possibly make the biggest mistake of their lives, based on a hunch....

In theory, (...depending on the their ability to preform of course...) 77,000 people could Get Lucky tonight! It's a good bet, that this Joke will be told at least 77,000 times today....

I wonder if anyone has applied for a Government Funded Grant, to follow these people for 7 years, to see what percentage of them actually remain married long enough to get the "7 Year Itch?"

It is even possible, that a 7th Son, of a 7th Son, may get married for the 7th time, to the only remaining 7th Vestal Virgin left unsullied. Imagine if you will, that they will have 7 Bridesmaids, & 7 Groomsmen, then, they will recite their Vows made up from parts of the text of Orson Scott Card's "The Seventh Son". They will drink 7&7 at their reception, and dance to the theme song for "77 Sunset Strip". But, who knows if they will actually end up being "Lucky in Love." Only time, and a Government Grant for 77 Million Dollars can hope to determine that....

I keep thinking about what John Lennon said: "...If you had the Luck of The Irish, You'd wish you were English instead."

I'm not going to play "The Lottery" tonight. No "Lucky Sevens Scratch-off" for me... The Crowds, and the Lines would be to much for me to handle.

I'm going to go over to my Girlfriend's House. I'll sit on the Couch, have a Beer, and if we both manage to stay awake long enough for the kids to fall asleep before we do, maybe We'll both: "Get Lucky!"

Ach! aiblins naw….

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